We are glad that you accepted the call of the Holy Spirit to visit this site that has a good fortune that is good food for the soul. In this world, there is constant controversy between good and evil. Satan is very enraged and he is working as hard as possible to draw you from this page by introducing negative thoughts into your mind. Will you succumb to his devises or you will let God, our loving Creator talk to you and inform you of His will?
Who on this world of sin does not crave to live a peaceful life? It is certain that we have all, once in a while in our lives, been introduced to God who is the author of peace and happiness. Drawing to Him is our greatest challenge. The question is, What can you do to draw closer to Him?
The moment someone realizes the need to be with God is the very moment when God associates Himself with that person. When a person realizes His helplessness and humbles to God asking for God’s Guidance, God plays His duty.

The challenge remains with the same person. The challenge that always becomes hectic for many is WHETHER ONE WILL REMAIN LOYAL TO GOD WHO CREATED HIM through having mercy for others who don’t know God yet and make a step of love to reach them and keep the commandments of God.
For the Mothers and Fathers we advise that you check the free treasure. Songs are food for soul. Sing the tenzi za rohoni or Nyimbo za Kristo with us.

Now that the blood of our young people is very warm, the due advice is in the bible stories here. The young Children are Christ’s treasure and the mother or father of such young jewels who forbids them from the heavenly treasures is the accursed of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came for salvation of all. Important series are in the process of being compiled you and can check our first series as you wait for the updates. The divine fortune that is vivified by pictures every child that contemplates heaven should see and this will please God.
We have the warnings to our clergies who are busy planting churches yet they are busy tearing down the established by abolishing Christ-like love from the churches. We have free inspirational materials that you can download so that you can have amble time to pass through them while you are offline. Topics covered include Family life, Child guidance, Christian conduct, Challenges faced by the youth among others. Our church officers are also passing through hard times and our advice to them is that they ensure they have rooms in their houses which are to be specifically for prayers. Write your prayers on papers and stick them on the wall and each time you see them, remind God of His promises even as you remember to return the tithes as God has Commanded.
Inspirational articles are available in simple to read simple to understand PDF format.
As we all know, even Christians make mistakes. So, it is wise that we warn each other all the time so that we may prepare ourselves for the Second yet Glorious Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Last Disciple Ministry welcomes you to join hands with us so that we may be a blessing together. Welcome.


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