Esau and Jacob were the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah. The father, Isaac, liked Esau a lot, because he was a good hunter and would bring home food for the family to eat. But Rebekah loved Jacob most, because he was a quiet, peaceful boy.

Grandfather Abraham was still alive, and we can just imagine how Jacob liked to listen to him talk about God. Abraham finally died at 175 years of age, when the twins were 15 years old. When Esau was 40 years old he married two women from the land of Canaan. This made Isaac and Rebekah very sad, because these women did not worship God. Then one day something happened that made Esau very angry with his brother Jacob.

The time came when Isaac was to give a blessing to his older son. Since Esau was older than Jacob, Esau expected to receive this blessing. But Esau had earlier sold the right to receive the blessing to Jacob. Also, when the two boys were born God had said that Jacob would receive the blessing. And this is what happened. Isaac gave the blessing to his son Jacob.

Later, when Esau learned about this he became angry with Jacob. He was so angry that he said he was going to kill Jacob. When Rebekah heard about this, she was very worried. So she told her husband Isaac: ‘It will be just terrible if Jacob also marries one of these women of Canaan.’

At that Isaac called his son Jacob and told him: ‘Don’t marry a woman from Canaan. Go instead to the house of your grandfather Bethuel in Haran. Marry one of daughters of his son Laban.’ Jacob listened to his father, and right away began his long trip to where his relatives lived in Haran

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