In the process of coming up with quality content for the children of God, Satan has not been happy and that is why he ensured that he destroys our machine before the good and infant project surfaces. We thank God for His power that sustained the project to the level it is at, as of now. Praise God.

Have you made a solemn promise to God today that you will ask of His consent and assistance in your endevours? Please don’t be such a Christian who is only vocal. Many young men and women who can stand for God are being led astray by servants with diverted attention. Let us be skeptical lest what we think is not known shall shame us before our creator.

Have you ever heard of the story about how money wont be able to save any persons who will be having them in abundance? If you did not know, now you know. Why should you struggle to please yourself by trying to heap goodies around you, which only depreciate in value as time goes by? Why do you find it grievous to support the work of evangelism?

The Last Disciple Ministry needs your hand. Give to spread the gospel and God shall say, “This is my Beloved child in whom I am well pleased.”

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