It has come to a time when man has cherished vain theories and exaggerated idle thinking called philosophy over the actual truth. How disgusting it is that the very idlers caught in the nest of the archenemy of the Bible take the Message of their creator lightly. Most people who claim to be scientists live in their world of fantasy as it is real.

Repent and be Baptized for the remission of your sins

What a blind conscience. Nature is continually degenerating because of sin. What a commendable effort that governments are investing in projects that may conserve the environment.

Isn’t it good to behold nature, those fish and jungle animals and mountains and waterfalls. How would a parent or rather an investor feel when the people whom he entrusts his property use it against him/her?

How does God feel looking at the humans with lots of theories and idlers ideas termed as philosophy strive to compel the minds to believe that the world, since its creation has lasted more than 7000 years, yet it is barely close to 6000 years?

Isn’t it a foolish inclination and a gross sin claiming that there is no creator yet the very persons who claim this have the truth that convicts them about the creator right there in their consciences?

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