Welcome to the Bible story chest, a coffer from which comes the blessings for blessed minds.

One great blessing that is ever before all people; all adults, all youths and many children is the blessing contained in the Holy Writ. Most just ignore the Bibles close or just pay them casual visits for the sake of trying to cheat Jesus that they know He exists.

Teachers with a call to train young minds are encouraged to be readers of Bible Stories. The Last disciple ministry has prepared Bible story articles with accompanying pictures to assist in this divine mission of fishing men into the fold of Christ Jesus and God the Creator, not leaving out the Holy Spirit and many Holy Angels who are eagerly waiting for us to accept the call in heaven.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23

Our Teenagers and Youths have been caught in a great pit of indulging in sex yet they are not yet married. Most of the youths who claim that they want to wed, have clear consciences convicting them of the gross sin they have ever indulged in, a sin of Fornication/ Adultery.

God was not a fool to have included incidences of adultery and their repercussions in the Bible. What we ought to put in mind is that God does not hate anyone. God is only jealous when one whom he created decides to follow an evil path. Be assured that the God cries or rather sheds tears as a loving husband cries when the wife sides with other men other than him, or simply, when the wife becomes unfaithful.

God yearns that we realize the need of His presence in our lives and be sorry for our sins and for sure, Christ is willing to forgive us and accept us into His fold of true holiness. Anything on earth that is termed holy is but evil before God. No church service conducted in a specific manner makes the congregants holy if the simple truths are taken for granted or are ignored especially, the truth about the Seventh-Day Sabbath Commandment, the only commandment that acknowledges God’s Creative power.

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